Lake Shore Foundation

What is the Lake Shore Foundation?

The Foundation was established in 1986 for the purpose of using charitable contributions to benefit all Lake Shore Public Schools' students. We are now looking for new donations — raising money to meet the educational needs of Lake Shore's youth.

Our mission is to help students reach their goals of excellence by funding support for important educational activities not provided by the schools.

The Foundation's Goals

A school district's operating budget is designated for specific needs. Often, money is not available for innovative and creative educational programs.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on these areas:

  • Encouraging creative teaching and innovative classroom ideas and practices
  • Facilitating student development through enrichment activities, scholarships, and motivational programs.
  • Purchasing equipment and other durable materials to improve hands-on learning.

Foundation Types of Awards

Preferred LSFEE projects include:

  • Mini-grants to teachers for specific programs at all grade levels.
  • Supplementary reading books.
  • Scholarships.
  • Equipment for classrooms.
  • Special equipment as needed.
  • Computers and other high-tech equipment for the classrooms.

Grants are approved by the LSFEE Board of Trustees based on quality, feasibility, and potential benefit to students.  To download the Grant Application, click here.

Contact the Foundation

If you would like more information about Lake Shore Foundation for Education Excellence, please call us at: (586) 285-8483 or by email, [email protected].

Financial Contributions

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or make checks payable to:

Lake Shore Foundation for Educational Excellence

Lake Shore Foundation for Educational Excellence
28850 Harper Avenue
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

General Donation

In Memorium

Board of Trustees

The Lake Shore Foundation for Educational Excellence is totally separate from the Lake Shore School District and Board of Education.

It is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees from the community who are responsible for generating contributions, choosing projects, and allocating funds. Our Board of Trustees members are:

Ron Bartley

Donna Bowers

Madelynne Cudney

Jack Dick

Rebecca Dick

Cindy Gliesman

Greg Pearl

Linda Russell
Carol Szuba

Amber Hildebrand *

Amy Thomas-August *

*(Board of Education Rep.)