Teacher Evaluation

Performance Review Process

The Lake Shore Board of Education has formally adopted the Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson to evaluate teachers (Regular Board Meeting; March 27, 2017). The Framework for Teaching is one of the recommended tools by the Michigan Department of Education for assessing educator effectiveness.   

Educator Evaluation Legislation

Public Act 173 of 2015 stipulates that districts implement a rigorous, transparent, and fair performance evaluation system. This Act amended the Revised School Code with regard to teacher and administrator evaluations and is integrated with the Teachers’ Tenure Act, Section 1248 and Section 1249. These laws require that the performance evaluation process in Lake Shore have the following:  

  • Annual evaluations for probationary and tenured teachers 40% of annual year-end evaluations must be based upon student growth and assessment data
  • Timely and constructive feedback is provided by the evaluator
  • Student growth and assessment data must be derived from the most recent three consecutive school years, if available. If no data is available for a teacher for at least three years, the annual year-end evaluation shall be based on all available data for the teacher.
  • Rates and reports the teacher’s performance as highly effective, effective, minimally effective or ineffective
  • Mandates that layoff and recall decisions be based on retaining effective teachers as measured by their performance evaluation
  • Performance evaluations are used to inform decisions on granting tenure and certification

The Lake Shore Performance review process is subject to modification in accordance to changes in state law. Training on the evaluation system and the development of administrative guidelines to promote the quality and accuracy of this process is ongoing. 

Documents & Forms

Classroom Observation Form (Teacher)
Observation Form (Counselor) 
Observation Form (Instructional Specialist/Coach/TC) 
Observation Form (Media Specialist)
Observation Form (Psychologist) 

Observation Form (Social Worker) 

Observation Form (Speech Pathologist) 

Evaluation Process
Evaluation Timelines   

SLO Goal Form
IDP and Mid-Year Progress Form

Danielson Rubric (Teacher)
Rubric (Counselor)
Rubric (Instructional Specialist/Coach/TC)
Rubric (Media Specialist)
Rubric (Psychologist)

Rubric (Social Worker)

Rubric (Speech Pathologist)

Comprehensive Evaluation (Teacher)

Focused Evaluation - Domain 1 (Teacher)
Focused Evaluation - Domain 2 (Teacher)
Focused Evaluation - Domain 3 (Teacher)
Focused Evaluation - Domain 4 (Teacher)  

Special thanks to the LSFT members, principals, and administrators who offered their input in the development of this process.