P2 of the Week

P2 of the Week: Teamwork
This is the image for the news article titled P2 of the Week: TeamworkUnder the guiding principles of our districtwide initiative, the Positivity Project, #PositivityinAction is a top priority. This week we will focus on the character strength of TEAMWORK.

People with the character strength of teamwork work well as a member of a group or team. They are loyal and sacrifice their individual desires for the greater good.

Across our community, what unites all of us is that providing educational excellence to our children is nonnegotiable. Our Shorian Nation recognizes the value of our Lake Shore students, volunteers, administrators, teachers and staff members and the synergy and learning that occur in our district. 

There are many stories that remain untold. There are “behind the scenes” people that deserve to be recognized and saluted.

Our ability to put together a successful Homecoming is tied directly to the behind-the-scenes people who disguise themselves in the shadows, never asking for credit, but instead committed to the idea that #OtherPeopleMatter.

It is our head Varsity Football coach, Marcus Cribbs, and his team of 26 players who have spent countless hours this Summer and Fall practicing for game day.

It is our Student Congress advisor, Rob Couck, and team of 14 LS Leadership students who have created the plan and action steps for spirit days and competitions, the parade, halftime homecoming court announcements, and tallying the winner of our Shorian Shield tradition.

It is our Shipyard, cheer and dance teams, and band who lift us up with their encouragement through music and movement. Our applause is louder because their spirit is infectious.

It is our team of Athletic Booster volunteers who serve you delicious snacks at our concession stand.  

It is our team of custodians who create a pristine stadium environment for our spectators. 

It is our Food Service staff who put together a delicious meal for our employees and alumni.

It is our city of Saint Clair Shores Police Department who support us as they guide traffic and keep our community safe. 

It is our Athletic Department team of Athletic Coordinator Rich Bowers and Athletic Secretary Robin Gill who coordinate presale tickets, apparel sales, and the game itself.

It is our Video Productions team of several students to create, edit, and produce video clips to capture the moment.

It is our student body, a collective group of 4 classes, who decorated their high school hallways using their color-schemes and themes. 

It is our families who donate trailers, convertibles, their homes, and their help to create a parade for our community.

Their commitment to the larger group effort makes them both good teammates and citizens. Greater good results from the collective efforts of our stakeholders.
provides the foundation for genuine self-confidence grounded in self-awareness and develops an #OtherPeopleMatter #MotivationalMonday mindset.