P2 of the Week

P2 of the Week: Cheering Others' Success
This is the image for the news article titled P2 of the Week: Cheering Others' SuccessUnder the guiding principles of our districtwide initiative, the Positivity Project, the #PositivityinAction mindset is a top priority. This week we will focus on the character strength of CHEERING OTHERS' SUCCESS.

People with the character strength of cheering others' successes are happy for others and cheer them on when they find success.

Dr. DiPonio, Dr. Lewis, and Ms. Wynkoop will deliver Rookie Recognition certificates and swag to all 11 of our new LSFT staff. It is important to us to make the following staff members feel appreciated and valued:

All Elementary Buildings
Teri Rhadigan, Elementary Art Teacher 

Masonic Heights Elementary
Gina Thomas, 4th Grade 

Rodgers Elementary
Arianna Amateis, 3rd Grade 
Megan Champine, 1st Grade 
Anna Randazzo, 1st Grade
Erin Pastoria,  School Social Worker 

Violet Elementary
Haleigh Whisman, 1st Grade 

Kennedy Middle School
Austin Potter, Physical Education Teacher 

Lake Shore High School
April Gardner,  School Social Worker 
Gio Maniaci, Special Education English 

All Buildings
Lindsay Impemba

We asked these newbies for a success story and Ms. Rhadigan, Ms. Pastoria, Ms. Whisman, and Mr. Maniaci responded with powerful examples. Ms. Rhadigan said, "- I was told in a Gratitude Letter from my first principal, Matt Barranca, that "[...] a bunch of our students now love art because of your teaching."   From day number one, that has been my main objective.  It gives me great joy that sharing my lifelong enthusiasm for the visual arts is getting students interested in and passionate about art, inspiring their individuality and creativity, and for some of them even helping them to go on and have a happier and more successful day afterward.   If I can continue this streak at my next two schools this year, I will consider the year a great success." 

Relationships were also part of Ms. Whisman and Mr. Maniaci's successes.   They both said, "One success that I've had was being able to connect and foster positive, interpersonal relationships with my students in order to help them with issues outside of the classroom. My biggest success has building relationships with families and students!"

Small successes are big success to us. Ms. Pastoria emailed, "I have learned how to navigate Rodgers Elementary School and have learned where all the teachers' classrooms are within 2 weeks of starting here! It's a BIG school!!"

Making children aware that every one of them has all 24 character strengths, provides the foundation for genuine self-confidence grounded in self-awareness and develops an #OtherPeopleMatter mindset.