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Featured Special Project: Court of Creativity
This is the image for the news article titled Featured Special Project: Court of CreativityWe are appreciative of Violet Elementary's Speciais teachers which include Mrs. Pecararo, Mrs. Rueger-West, and Mrs. Rhadigan and their students for their participation in a creativity challenge called Court of Creativity Contest presented by Jersey's Mike's.

Violet All-Stars are excited to show the Harlem Globetrotters their enthusiasm for basketball with their creative basketball art based on famous artists, their dribbling and trick-shot skills, and a song: https://youtu.be/UX7WEYpbQkY

All students in the school decorated their very own basketball based on the art of a famous artist - ANY artist of their choosing!  

Here is what some of the children said about their basketball art inspired by famous artists:

Piper (1st Grade) chose Romero Britto because, “I liked all of the colors that he uses.”

Alexander (5th Grade) also chose Romero Britto, because “it is cool and I like it.”

Caledon (2nd Grade) chose Basquiat because, “I like the style”.

Serenity (Kindergarten) said this about her Yayoi Kusama inspired art: “It is rainbow dotted just like my coat!”

Gianni (3rd Grade) chose Van Gogh because, “I thought his self-portrait looked kinda like the Mona Lisa.”

Serenity (3rd Grade) said this about her Keith Haring inspired art: “I got inspired by the people, so I made some doing movements like jumping and waving.”

Henli (4th Grade) chose a mix of Keith Haring, Basquiat, Van Gogh, Jim Dine, Andy Warhol, Banksy, Robin Mead, and Hokusai.  She said, “I chose these artists because we learned about them in art and their art looked unique and interesting.  Also, some of the artists have amazing back stories.  I also think the artists that I chose are extremely talented and creative with their art.”

Violet Elementary students also sang a song written for the Globetrotters and showed off their dribbling and trick-shot skills.   Both of which can be seen in our YouTube video that we made for the occasion.

Violet Elementary students are all so very excited for this opportunity to meet the Globetrotters and would be overjoyed if their dream was to come true!  

Kennedy (Kindergarten) wants the Harlem Globetrotters to visit Violet because, “they are fun to watch.  Our school would love to see them do cool tricks.  We would be so happy if they came to Violet!”

Kamryn (4th Grade) wants the Harlem Globetrotters to visit Violet because, “Violet is such a kind school.  We are safe, trustworthy, and responsible, we have fun assemblies, and kids here love and play basketball all the time at recess!”

Violet hopes to see you soon, Globetrotters!