Featured Shorians

Featured Shorians: New Staff
This is the image for the news article titled Featured Shorians: New StaffIn September, the energy is high for both students and staff. It is a time for new beginnings, which begins with relationships. Our teachers connect with students where mutual respect and communication prevail. We value students and put them first, which is shown through our planning, reflecting, and decision-making. 

Join us in sending a warm welcome to these 9 new staff members:

All Elementary Buildings
Teri Rhadigan, Elementary Art Teacher

Masonic Heights Elementary
Gina Thomas, 4th Grade

Rodgers Elementary
Arianna Amateis, 3rd Grade
Megan Champine, 1st Grade
Anna Randazzo, 1st Grade
Amy Salomone,  School Social Worker

Violet Elementary
Haleigh Whisman, 1st Grade

Kennedy Middle School
Austin Potter, Physical Education Teacher

Lake Shore High School
April Gardner,  School Social Worker

Thank you for filling our students' buckets!

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