Masonic Heights Elementary School

Staff Directory

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Masonic Heights Elementary
Staff Directory
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Name Position Email Phone
Biondo, Kelly Remedial Specialist 586-285-8533
Brown, Jennifer Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Cassandria, Robert Custodian 586-285-8520
Clor, Jennine Psychologist 586-285-8500
Collins, Nora Kindergarten Teacher 586-285-8529
Couck, Stephanie 2nd Grade Teacher 586-285-8521
Cresent, Tammy Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Crippen, Paula 5th Grade Teacher 586-285-8538
Culloty, Kim 3rd Grade Teacher 586-285-8527
Daudlin, Suzanne GSRP Teacher 586-285-8546
Dichtel, Michaelle Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Dombro, Nicole Media Center 586-285-8507
Fleszar, Noelle 5th Grade Teacher 586-285-8537
Florek, Melissa Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Gaigalas, Cobi 3rd Grade Teacher 586-285-8531
Gardiner, Stewart 4th Grade Teacher 586-285-8535
Grosfield, Marybeth Speech 586-285-8514
Gueits, Melissa Student Assistant Specialist 586-285-8513
Herbon, Kelly Resource Room and Reading Spec. 586-285-8539
Hill, Judi Head Custodian 586-285-8520
Hoover, Carolyn Kindergarten Teacher 586-285-8512
Kraft, Jan Secretary 586-285-8500
Lewis, George Principal 586-285-8500
Lupo, Sue Title One 586-285-8533
Maison, Dave Tech 586-285-8500
Manor, Jennifer Remedial Specialist 586-285-8533
Mason, Lori GSRP Associate Teacher 586-285-8546
Materna, Alexa Resource Room 586-285-8522
McCann, Melissa Parking Lot Supervisor 586-285-8500
McCarthy, Amanda Media Center 586-285-8743
McCarthy, Holly Lunchroom Supervisor, SACC 586-285-8500
Meyer, Noel Teacher Consultant / Title One 586-285-8517
Muraszewski, Peg Resource Room 586-285-8539
Nagel, Ann Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Osterland, Dave Physical Education Teacher 586-285-8545
Ottinger, Marie 2nd Grade Teacher 586-285-8528
Owens, Lisa Lunchroom Supervisor, SACC 586-285-8500
Peacock, Debbie 3rd Grade Teacher 586-285-8532
Peters, Skylar SACC   586-285-8519
Peters, Wendy Title One 586-285-8533
Petrocik, Janice SACC 586-285-8519
Pilotto, Kathy Food Service 586-285-8544
Pittiglio, Stacey Remedial Specialist 586-285-8533
Powell, Samantha Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Reece, Marissa Art Teacher 586-285-8543
Reno, Tracy Kindergarten Teacher 586-285-8523
Ross, Paula Title One 586-285-8533
Russell, Linda 1st Grade Teacher 586-285-8530
Ryan, Mistie 4th Grade Teacher 586-285-8525
Schutz, Kristen 5th Grade Teacher 586-285-8536
Shabazz, Carla Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Shock, Lorrie Food Service 586-285-8544
Shook, Mona SACC Supervisor 586-285-8519
Simmons, Heather Lunchroom Supervisor 586-285-8500
Spriet, Heather 2nd Grade Teacher 586-285-8542
Srodawa, Sandy 1st Grade Teacher 586-285-8526
Stanley, Jennifer Secretary 586-285-8506
Szymanski, Lisa 4th Grade Teacher 586-285-8534
Toone, Roberta Custodian 586-285-8520
Waldman, Shayna World Language 586-285-8547
Wischmeyer, Bernadette Music Teacher 586-285-8543
Wiseman, Kathy 1st Grade Teacher 586-285-8524